Princeton Women in Physics

We are a group of grads, postdocs, staff, and faculty who support and uplift women and other minorities in the Princeton Physics Department.

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Scenes from CUWiP 2020 at Temple University

Creating a community dedicated to supporting women and non-binary folks in Princeton University’s Physics Department.


We engage in stimulating social lunches, forge meaningful connections at our networking events, and elevate your career with our professional development workshops. We’re committed to fostering inclusivity and empowerment, advocating tirelessly for women and non-binary members in the Physics and Astro-physics department .


We continuously collaborate with TiCUP, GRSC, WSTEM, GWISE, RUWIPA, Physics EDI Initiative, and Physics Graduate Ambassadors to together a powerhouse of diverse perspectives, expertise, and passion for advancing inclusivity and excellence in physics. Through our collective efforts, we foster a supportive community, drive impactful initiatives, and create opportunities for growth and empowerment. Together, we’re breaking barriers, inspiring change, and shaping the future of physics for all.


We actively engage in outreach through participation in conferences, offering mentorship, and guidance to aspiring scientists.

WIP in Action

CUWIP Conference 2024

5/7/19 “How to be an Effective Ally” Workshop by WiP

“How to be an Effective Ally” Workshop by WiP