March 21, 2021 UWiP+WiP Spring “What is Grad School”

Our annual Spring UWiP + WiP “What is Grad School” workshop will be on Sunday March 21, 2021, from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM, on Zoom (link will be distributed to participants before the event). The event is geared towards juniors considering applying to graduate school, and seniors who are doing grad school visits and mulling over decisions. 

We will have breakout rooms for the following topics:

  1. CV (vs. Resume) + Personal Statements + Recommendation Letters
  2. Making a list of grad programs to apply to; contacting/interviewing with profs
  3. Fellowships and gap years
  4. Grad school as an international student
  5. Physics vs. Astro, Plasma, and Applied Programs
  6. Navigating grad school visits, what to ask about and what to look for
  7. Physics and General GREs

Come with any and all questions! Hope to see you there.

This week: Spring 2020 “What is Grad School” event with UWIP


Princeton undergrads are welcome to our “What is Grad School” event happening Thursday April 23 2020, 2-4 PM EST, featuring grad students who are volunteering to answer questions about:

  • The General and Physics GRE and preparation
  • Fellowships and gap years
  • PHY vs. Astro vs. Geosciences grad programs
  • How to apply as an International student
  • Grad school visits
  • Resumes, CVs, and Personal statements

An email with a clickable link should have been circulated via the UWIP mailing list but just ask if you are missing it. Hope to see you there!